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When you scroll through your Insta feed these days, we bet it’s jam packed with profesh photography that looks as though everyone has their own personal photographer. But guess what? Influencers just like you aren’t paying the mega bucks for someone to take their snaps – especially when it comes to their perfect selfies. They’re using ring lights, and not just any old ring light, but a selfie right light. What’s that, you say? We’re glad you asked – let’s dive into why you need a phone selfie ring light and we’ll even throw in a tip or two to get you started.

Did you know that more and more influencers are using phone selfie ring lights?

Yep, that’s right – technology for amateur photography has exploded in the last decade and so has the demand for better quality lighting. You can thank early social media influencers for that, too. The bar has most definitely been raised for social media content and it’s getting harder and harder to get away with blurry pics and bad lighting now. 

 Enter the phone selfie ring light. Like a regular ring light, it’s a circular LED light but what makes it different is that it fits right around your phone’s camera lens. That makes it even better at reducing shadows and giving you the right kind of glow for selfies and any up close and personal photography. 

Why you need need a phone selfie ring light

Obviously for when you’re taking selfies (duh), but there are some other situations to consider. Always remind yourself to pay attention to what lighting you’re going to need ahead of time to make sure you’re never caught out. 

For beautiful, evenly lit photos on your phone

While using natural light is great when you’re outside, it’s not so crash hot when you’re indoors. A selfie ring light, like the Beauty Ring Light Duo, is the perfect companion to any selfie sesh. It’s super versatile with three levels of brightness, plus adjustable controls for the light temperature (going from warm to cool is easy as pie!). 

For less shadows, more POP!

Following on from the point above, what a ring light does is eliminate obvious shadows which then allows whatever you’re photographing to POP. This is especially great for illuminating your eyes in a selfie, because the circle of the ring light is so visible (and dreamy!). We think one of the best selfie lights for your phone is the Cosmetic Clip-On Duo because you can clip it onto different table edges and it holds your phone (so you don’t have to). Bonus: it’s USB rechargeable and has a bunch of different light settings to play with. 

For a good selfie at night

No doubt you’ve been wondering how to get good selfie light at night (we were stumped for ages too!). Your selfie ring light is a much better option than the torchlight built-in to most smartphones because it removes the harsh shadows and dark areas, giving you even lighting without the horrors of a phone’s flash. 


How to use a selfie ring light with an iPhone

This is the fun part! All you need to do is clip your selfie ring light over the top of your iPhone so that the camera and its sensors are in the middle of the ring. Each ring light will have its own set of instructions too, so many sure you study up on those before you start snapping. 

Once you’re all plugged in and ready to roll, start to play – take a whole swag of pics and make sure you change the settings too. When you understand how your selfie ring light works, then you can start planning out all your amazing content!

Selfie Ring Light

How to take the perfect selfie

Speaking of selfies, you might be wondering what it takes to get the perfect selfie. There’s a lot of tips and tricks out there but we’re a fan of keeping things simple. Here are a few tips for how to get the best pic when you’re getting ready to ‘pout it out’:

  1. Point your phone at you from the side, allowing you to pop your shoulder (it’s a great angle, trust us)
  2. Look up at the camera, not down (unless triple chins are your thing)
  3. Stick your neck out – literally (get your face away from your neck to create length)
  4. Next, relax your mouth and exhale, as if you’re slowing blowing out a candle, and lastly,
  5. Find the right lighting by moving around until you get that sweet spot...then SNAP! You’ve got yourself the perfect selfie.  

Ready, steady, POUT!

We LOVE a good selfie, don’t you? If you grab a Luvo Store selfie ring light, show us your best ‘duck face’ by tagging us on Insta @luvostore and use the hashtags #luvostore and #luvofam. Happy snapping! 




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