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Learning where you're supposed to put your ring light for the different use cases is incredibly important.

If you're investing in one of these lights, you might as well learn how to actually set it up correctly. While you may think it's as simple as putting it on your desk and turning it on, there are some specifics that will help you get the most out of your lighting setup.

We're going to teach you best practices for setting up a ring light for portrait photography, streaming/vlogging, doing your makeup (or your client's makeup), and more!

The Main Instances In Which You Would Use A Ring Light

Before we teach you the proper light setup, we want to start by explaining the different scenarios in which you can actually benefit from using a ring light.

These are used in so many different instances - but always to more or less accomplish the same things: eliminate shadows & wrinkles, while casting a uniform light on a subject.

As you can imagine, this is super important for any sort of photography or videography - from standard portrait photography to vlogging, & even simple selfies!

Another setting you'll constantly see ring lights in are makeup and hair salons. These help artists do their best work and make their clients look their best.

Now - as you can imagine, the recommended ring light setups differ greatly among different use cases. To help you get your ring light setup, we're going to cover them all - whether you're a photography or cosmetologist!

How To Set Up Your Ring Light For Photography & Videography

The most common use for these is overwhelmingly photography and videography - that's because the lighting is everything when it comes to getting the right shot.

If you're ready to learn how to set up your ring light and start capturing better photos and videos, keep reading.

The Basics Of Using A Ring Light With Your Camera

When it comes specifically to photography and videography, you'll want to set up your ring light knowing that you put your camera in the center of it.

This will dictate the height and specific location in which you set your ring light up. The specific camera you use will play some role in this too.

You'll need to take into consideration the specific type of camera lens you're using. Let's talk specifically about height & distance.

How Far Away Should Your Ring Light Be From Your Subject?

Again - your specific camera lens will determine the distance you should position your ring light to some extent.

But to really get the crispest light on your subject and eliminate any and all shadows, the best practice is to position the ring light 2 feet from the subject.

You'll Need A Ring Light Stand To Set Your Height

Most ring lights come with stands to help you easily adjust the height at which your light source is set up.

Not all ring lights need a stand, though. Some have attachments for your phone or laptop - but if you're looking to use a ring light specifically for photography with a professional camera, you will need a stand.

Where To Put A Ring Light For Selfies?

If you want to use a ring light for selfies, it's as simple as finding one that you can attach to your smartphone or tablet.

This ring light here at Luvo does exactly that - and makes capturing the perfect selfies easier than you could ever imagine.

If you're an influencer this is a no-brainer investment - it's going to offer the best lighting on the go, no matter where you are!

Where To Put A Ring Light For Vlogging Or Streaming

If you're vlogging or streaming, you'll want to be pretty strategic about where you put your ring light so that you can attain the best lighting possible without blinding yourself by staring into the light source for hours on end, every day.

You can try putting your ring light at an angle, which will prevent the intense light from shining directly in your eyes.

You can also try turning the ring light around so that the light shines on your wall and reflects back on you. This only works if you are up against the wall yourself, such as seated at your desk, with white or lighter colored walls. Even still, the light won't be super intense.

The best way to use a ring light for vlogging or streaming is to dim down or filter the light and adjust the lighting color temperature.

By filtering or dimming the light, you'll protect your eyes while still putting out a quality light source. Furthermore, adjusting the color temperature from a light blue to a deep red will reduce eye strain. Cool blue LED lights can put a ton of strain on your eyes, affecting your vision.

Things like this are what make having the best ring light so important - if you do, these features are all going to be built into the light itself.

How To Set Up A Ring Lights For Makeup Artists

When it comes to applying makeup, proper lighting will help you hone in on the details of the face - whether you're working on yourself, a friend, or a client.

For makeup, in particular, you want a warm or natural light source. Because ring lights most accurately mimic natural sunlight, they're perfect for cosmetic lighting.

Set The Height At Your Client's Face

If you're a makeup artist, setting up your ring light directly in front of your client's face will be imperative to get the best lighting possible.

This is why having a stand is so important. Ring lights without an adjustable stand are going to limit you to one height - which obviously isn't going to work.

If you can't get your ring lights dialed into the right height, you'll end up with shadows on your client's face that could potentially hamper your ability to deliver your best work - which neither you nor your client wants.

The whole point of ring lights is to provide uniform light across your subject and eliminate any shadows - but if you can't get your height right, you won't enjoy this benefit.

Final Thoughts On Where To Put Ring Lights For Different Uses

We've covered all the different instances in which you could use ring lights - now, it's just a matter of getting yours set up and getting to work!

No matter which subset of photography or videography you fall under, you can feel confident setting yours up and shooting better content than you ever could have achieved with natural lighting or other light sources.

Ring lights also work great for makeup artists trying to perfectly illuminate their client's face - which is why you need to make sure you can get your set to the ideal height. With the ring lights available here at Luvo, that won't be an issue.

There is an option for everyone - whether you want something to shoot photos or videos through, something to attach to your smartphone for selfies, or something to put on your desk or workstation while you apply makeup.


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