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Can't live without your makeup? We totally understand. Now that you're going to college there's no way you're letting go of your beauty routine. But the dorm life can get a bit tricky, especially when you're sharing a tiny space with one more person in the room.

That means desk space is limited and with homework, notebooks, and stationery sets all competing for space, where are you going to put your beauty products? How are you going to keep up with your beauty routine?

Well, you'll just have to get a bit more creative with how you use your storage and organise your things. Don't worry, thousands of kids before you had to do the same thing. The trick? Space-saving makeup organisers. So before you leave for college, we highly suggest you check these out and find an organiser that you think will work the best for you.

How To Travel To College With Your Makeup

Before you even get to your dorms, you need a travel makeup bag to keep all your favorite beauty products and skincare safe during travel. Sometimes dumping your makeup into whatever luggage you have isn't the best thing to do as this can lead to spills or leakages.

You need a proper makeup case to prevent these things from happening. Good thing we know just the cosmetic cases to use. Luvo offers six variations of cosmetic cases from hard shells to soft shells and even trolleys.

Lucent Case & Lucent Case Mini

The Lucent Case is a hardshell train case like no other. Its studded metal exterior, crystal clear acrylic top, and metal hinged glittered compartments are not only absolutely stunning but extremely durable and compact as well.

It features six fold-out compartments with a durable lining and a deep base that is enough to fit all your beauty essentials. It is secured with a buckle latch with a lock and two keys to ensure maximum security.

It also comes in a mini size that features two fold-out compartments instead of six and comes with a fold-out mirror on top. So it's not just a makeup travel bag, but it can act as a makeup organiser and a mini vanity as well! Perfect for the dorm life!

Large Cosmetic Case

The Large Cosmetic Case is a sleek faux leather case that probably has one of the most compartments as compared to other handheld travel makeup bags. It has multiple inserts, zippered pockets, and fully customizable dividers that allow you to customize your organisation to fit your personal needs. It is one of the most versatile and multi-functional makeup bags on the market—no wonder thousands of people fell in love with it.

Small & Medium Roller Trolley

The Small Roller Trolley comes with three exterior pockets (one at the front and two at each side) and comes with 6 individual clear soft cases that fit perfectly inside the trolley.

The Medium Roller Trolley comes with four exterior pockets (one at the front, two on one side, and one larger pocket on the other), and instead of just 6 individual clear soft cases, it offers 8.

If your makeup collection doesn't fit the entire bag, you could use the rest of the space to organise your clothes, gadgets, toiletries, hair equipment, and so on. It might be classified as a makeup bag but you can honestly use it as an all-around luggage bag.

It comes with an extendable handle, a carry handle, and smooth gliding wheels like other luggage do. With this kind of bag, you won't have to worry about storage space that much since you can use this as extra storage.

Storing Makeup In Your College Dorm Room

Acrylic makeup organisers are every makeup artist and enthusiast's go-to for storing beauty products. Why? Because aside from having a clean see-through design that gives you easy access to all your essentials, you can also stack these which helps save space on your desk. Here are some of our favorite acrylic makeup organisers from Luvo:

Essential Makeup Station

The Essential Makeup Station is the perfect little tray to hold all your makeup essentials in one place. It has 3 drawers, 5 brush holders, 1 large open compartment, and 12 tiered smaller open compartments.

Flip Top Beauty Box

The Flip Top Beauty Box is a tabletop makeup organiser that features six tiers of drawers and a flip top that makes it easier to store taller makeup products.

Original Beauty Box

The Original Beauty Box also has six tiers of drawers to contain your makeup, however, it does not have a flip-top.

Beauty Box PRO

The Beauty Box PRO is one of our largest makeup organisers. It features 3 full-width drawers, 2 half-width drawers, 30 lipstick holders, 4 compact compartments, and one open compartment. It also comes with 2 removable dividers which you can remove and customize to your liking.

LUXE Beauty Box

The LUXE Beauty Box is the largest makeup organiser in our collection. It has 4 spacious varied height drawers, 24 lipstick holders, and 6 brush holder compartments.

The great thing about all five of these acrylic containers is that you don't have to use them for just your makeup. You can use them for your school supplies and turn them into a school supply storage as well.

Makeup Storage For College: Additional Tips

Here are more space-saving tips and storages to help you get the most out of your dorm room:

  • Bedside pockets or storage sets
  • Hanging wall organisers
  • Cabinet or under the sink shelves

Just remember when you're trying to save space it's best to go vertical than horizontal. If you run out of desk and drawer space, make use of wall space, cabinets, and shelves. 

Want to learn more about makeup storage and organisation? Check out our complete guide, or learn about organising your makeup bag in some of our other blog posts!


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