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Nobody wants to clean their makeup case - but it’s a necessary chore. Even if you routinely clean your tools, putting them in a dirty makeup bag accomplishes nothing.

Your cosmetic equipment is still dirty if it's stored in a messy space, which could lead to acne or illness.

Maintain a healthy, clean appearance by keeping your clean equipment in a clean cosmetic bag. In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about cleaning your makeup case. We’ll explain why it's so important, and you’ll learn how frequently you need to do it.

Then, we’ll get to the reason you came here today - how to actually clean a makeup case or bag! We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Makeup Case?

If there's one thing the previous year has shown us, it's that there are germs and bacteria on every object we encounter! Never before have we been more conscious of cleanliness and hygiene.

From washing our hands more frequently to ensuring that whatever we put near our mouths and faces is clean and hygienic. As you can probably guess, this includes our cosmetics and, more relevantly, our makeup bag.

Many of us are guilty of storing makeup products we don't use, resulting in a disorganized and cluttered bag with a higher chance of bacteria spreading. It is so important to maintain the cleanliness of your cosmetics, brushes, and other accessories at all times.

Brushes, for example, can trap oil and dirt in their fibers, resulting in blackheads and pimples. This is bad enough on its own but imagine the worst-case scenario - that you acquire a skin disease that requires treatment at a hospital.

We don't mean to scare you - none of this needs to be a concern if you take the time to properly clean your makeup bag! But how frequently should you go about it?

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Case?

The bags and cases we use to preserve our cosmetics can quickly become filthy. Remove all items from your bag or case at least twice a month, if not monthly, and give the bag itself along with your products a thorough cleaning. Antibacterial wipes are the most effective and time-saving method.

We also recommend you follow up this monthly deep cleaning with a weekly top-up spritz of antibacterial spray, making sure the inside of the cosmetic bag is completely dry before putting it back up.

How To Clean Your Makeup Bag: Step By Step Guide

Now, without further ado - we're ready to teach you the best way to clean your makeup bag, step by step. It's as simple as emptying the bag and getting to scrubbing! We'll break it down in great detail below, though.

Empty Your Bag

Remove everything from the bag and place it on a cloth on the table. Check each item's expiration date and throw out any old, expired products as needed once everything is out.

Make separate piles for your lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, powder, glosses, eyeliner, and brushes so you can sift through them and decide what you want to retain and what you want to throw away. It may be a good idea to donate the extras if you have multiples of a particular item but just one you use regularly.

Nail polishes are tough to evaluate, but when the consistency thickens and becomes sticky, it's time to throw them away.

Check the expiration date on your mascara since it has a limited shelf life, and the wand might attract bacteria that can irritate and damage your eyes. Blush, bronzers, and other face powders are among the products with the longest expiry date.

Makeup Bag Cleaning Basics

Turn your cosmetic bag upside-down and shake it over a garbage bin to get rid of loose debris. Remove the bag and set it aside.

Then, wet a clean towel with cold water. Using a corner of the cloth, apply a few drops of soap. Rub one corner with another until suds form, then clean out your dirty cosmetic bag with your sudsy towel.

Clean any smeared makeup out of your makeup bag with a makeup wipe once you've gone through the contents of your makeup bag and gotten rid of your outdated goods. Put the bag in the washing machine if it's made of fabric. To remove any muck from the exterior of your makeup products, use a makeup wipe, and thoroughly clean your makeup brushes and beauty equipment.

Makeup brushes, sponges, applicators, and your small white foundation spoon should all be washed. Makeup brushes' bristles provide an ideal breeding environment for germs. Brushes should be cleaned at least every other week to remove the accumulation of old makeup, oils from your skin, and bacteria from your bathroom. It's time to change your brushes if they begin to shed.

Advanced Makeup Bag Cleaning Tips

If you still have a few traditional cosmetic items in your makeup bag that contain chemicals, now is the time to throw them out. There are several advantages to using organic and natural cosmetic products. They are more beneficial to your skin. They are more beneficial to your health. They are more environmentally friendly.

True makeup addicts understand the challenge of cramming all of their favorite everyday items into a single cosmetic bag. To save money and space this season, use more multipurpose products. 

Trends are thrilling, but they're also the reason why so many of us wind ourselves with a wave of skincare products forcing us to spend extra bucks. Buy beauty items you'll never get tired of, and be your own personal trendsetter. Don't worry about whether or not your lipstick is "in" or not—just buy it because that's how you roll.

Put any money from your cosmetic bag into your wallet. Avoid carrying germ-infested things, especially money, in your cosmetics bag. Cash will rub up against any cosmetics in your bag, making it dirty and germ-ridden.

Grab Your Next Makeup Case At Luvo!

If your makeup bag is worn and dirty beyond repair, no amount of cleaning will save it at this point - the damage is done. Instead, you'll want to start with a fresh makeup bag and keep that one clean.

And, there are no better options than those here at Luvo - our makeup bags are as good as you'll find for the money. Here are some of our favorite options:

Lucent Case

This hyper-organized makeup case is one of the best makeup bags out there, with a perfect blend of functionality, style, and glam! With its studded metal exterior, durable lining, crystal clear display, and enough storage space for all of your essentials, this bag is perfect for everyday use.

Small Roller Trolley

With this multipurpose rolling trolley, it's difficult to know where to begin. Designed to offer space and organization with its three zippered compartments and a side velcro compartment, the Small Roller Trolley by Luvo is constructed with durable, water-resistant material and is made to last. Compact and portable, you'll have no trouble whisking your gear from appointment to appointment with this stylish yet organized trolley.

Small Roller Trolley | Luvo Store

Large Cosmetics Case

Along with carefully designed compartments and fully customizable inserts, the roomy bag provides adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the compartments to store eye shadow, lipsticks, powders, and more. Whether you're at home or on the road, a zipped pocket with a protective flap will keep everything secure and organized.

Large Cosmetic Case | Luvo Store

Marble Pochette

This marble leather pouch effortlessly stores the essentials for your morning routine, not too big and not too small. The inside is made up of a metallic interior that is very easy to clean, and the outside offers a chic marble design finish that gives it a premium look. 

Marble Pochette | Luvo Store

Medium Roller Trolley

This medium roller trolley does everything your favorite full-sized luggage can do, including its own set of wheels. It is the ultimate makeup organizer, featuring two zippered side compartments, a larger front zippered pocket, and one extra-large zippered compartment along with eight removable zippered makeup bags. 

Medium Roller Trolley | Luvo Store

Lucent Case - Mini

The Lucent case mini is a classic, roomy choice that should fit your entire collection. Lightweight and stylish, this clear-sided beauty organizer boasts two fold-out sections, a deep bottom section, and a flip-top mirror to give spacious storage for your daily day routines. The best part? It comes in four different colorways in an easy-to-carry compact size.

Final Thoughts On Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

It's just as vital to keep your makeup bag clean as it is to keep your makeup brushes clean. It's difficult to ignore lipstick, foundation, liner, and glitter spots, no matter how pricey your cosmetic bag is.

Unless you're a super neat freak, your cosmetic bag is bound to include a smattering of stains and expired makeup. With this guide, you'll be able to clear out your cosmetic bag while preserving the essentials for regular usage.


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