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Creating videos for Youtube can be a really fun way to express yourself, build an audience as an influencer and also share your passions with the world. If you’re a makeup artist, it’s the perfect platform for makeup tutorials, product reviewing and showing off your amazing creations! 

You might be wondering how to get that ‘professional look’ that many vloggers have without breaking the bank. The secret? Treat yo’self to a ring light!  They’re a must-have item for your vlogging toolkit but it’s important that you choose the right one that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. 

Let’s now take a look at how you can make the most of your ring light and explore a few great options if you’re yet to get your first one. 


How to create good lighting

First things first, when it comes to vlogging – aka video blogging – it's all about the lighting. Knowing how to set the right tone and mood for your videos is key for your vlog lighting setup. To put you on the path to vlogging fame, here are a few tips and tricks to get started.

Set up three-point lighting

This applies to any and all professional photography, but it’s also useful for video, too. Three-point lighting involves three key lights – typically a ring light and two soft boxes – set up in a way to give you even lighting without the harsh shadows. Using this lighting setup will help your videos look and feel instantly more professional. 

Put your ring light in the right place

But if you decide to just use one ring light on its own, make sure it’s placed directly in front of your face. Put your phone on a stand in the centre of the ring light so you don’t catch any awkward shadowing (it won’t get in the way of the ring light’s beautiful, even glow).  


Types of ring lights

There are two main styles of ring lights – off-camera and on-camera – and depending on what kind of vlog lighting you’re after, you might choose one or embrace both! 


Off-camera ring lights are a great option for vlogging because they’re mounted to a stand and your camera is in the centre of the light. This allows for a continuous source of light, and reduces any shadowing, which is better for video as the subject of your shoot really stands out from the background.

If you’re on the hunt for a good, reliable and swish ring light, check out the GlowPro 2. This 18-inch ring light is our best seller and can adapt to a variety of different filming scenarios. Portable, slimline and lightweight, it’s a vloggers BFF – plus its five extra mountable slots give you more options for capturing all the action from different angles.  

Another light to explore is the classic ring light – and it’s slightly smaller cousin, the small table ring light. If you tend to make content both indoors and outdoors, you’ll love the interchangeable white and yellow filters that allow you to adjust the light temperature with less fuss. 


These ring lights typically clip onto your camera or smartphone at the top, so light tends to fall either side of the subject you point it at. Great for selfies and for anything close up, these smaller ring lights still pack a punch! 

Take the beauty ring light duo for example – this tiny but mighty ring light has both warm and cool LED lights, plus three light settings to adjust the intensity of your glow. It also flips over with ease so you can use the back camera, too (ideal for those delicious brunch snaps your followers will drool over!).


Getting the temperature right

The colour (or temperature) of your vlog lighting can make all the difference for how your viewers interact with your content. Whether you choose warm or cool lighting, adjusting the temperature can help you create a particular vibe for your content. 

While we’re on the subject,for Youtube, LED lighting is recommended because the bulbs last so much longer than traditional lights and are often more energy efficient. LED lights come in both warm and cool so grab yourself both so you have the option to switch between the two if needed. 


Choose a background

Depending on what your vlog is about, a creative and unique background can help amplify and spotlight your beautiful face! A background filled with junk or lots of distracting objects could take away from what you’re trying to say, especially if you’re giving a tutorial or featuring a product. So make sure your set up is on point and on brand before you start (#goals). 

Are you ready for your close up?!

We can’t get enough of all the beauty and amazing video content you create using our ring lights and accessories. Tag us on Insta @luvostore with the hashtags #luvostore and #luvofamso we can live vicariously through you (and totally fangirl you at the same time!). 


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