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Whether you’re going to use them for selfies or for makeup, having the best ring light as a part of your arsenal is a must.

These help showcase your work in the lighting it deserves - and any great esthetician or photographer/videographer knows these are worth their weight in gold.

But with so many cheap, low quality options online, it isn’t easy to sort through the garbage and find a winner. 

Fortunately for you, today we’re going to showcase the top ring lights currently on the market, offering an option for every budget - whether you want functional and affordable or the very best of the best.

Do Ring Lights Really Make You Look Better?

Before purchasing their first ring light, many people question whether they’re even worth it or not - are they actually going to make you look any better?

These are one of the best investments you can make if you’re involved in producing content or doing cosmetics. They will cast an even light on a subject - whether that’s a client’s face or your own while you record a video.

The circular nature of the light - and the intense brightness it produces - help accentuate features, while hiding shadows, blemishes, and even wrinkles.

Why Having The Best Ring Light Is So Important - Regardless Of How You Use It!

You can no doubt grab any cheap light ring online or at your local pharmacy - aren’t these more or less the same? Do you really need the best?

We consider this one of the most important areas you can invest your money if you’re involved in photography, videography, or cosmetics.

If you strive to be the best at what you do, you can’t expect to get there without the best tools for the job. This holds true for any industry, but particularly the ones we’ve mentioned throughout this post.

Low quality options are prone to bulb/diode burnout, and oftentimes don’t even use the right lighting technology. These are going to essentially limit the potential of your work - why would you handicap yourself? 

If you skimp on a ring light and grab the cheapest option possible, you’re going to be incredibly disappointed, and you’ll end up spending more money in the long run - so just do it right the first time!

What Is The Best Ring Light For Makeup, Photography, & Videography?

Here at Luvo, we take a ton of pride in producing the finest cosmetic accessories on the market. Our selection of ring lights are as good as it gets, which is why so many beauty queens and photographers trust us.

We have a great option for you no matter what you intend to use it for - we’ll share some of our favorites with you now.

1. Beauty Ring Light DUO

One of the most common uses for a light ring these days is for selfies - as there are certain models that can safely attach to your phone and greatly enhance your pictures.

A lot of these are flimsy, and use low quality lighting. But the Beauty Ring Light Duo will not disappoint.

With 32 built in LED diodes, you have access to four different levels of brightness. This offers more versatility than even some of the most popular desktop ring lights you might come across!

With adjustable colour temperature, you unlock even more possibilities, allowing you to rotate between cool and warm lights.

It works great with either the front or back camera, and will help you take better selfies than you would have ever thought possible, leaving your followers shocked that it was shot on your phone!

2. Cosmetic Clip-On Duo Ring Light

The DUO is great - but if you want even more versatility in your ring light, you have got to check out the Cosmetic Clip-On Duo Ring Light.

It does everything the aforementioned DUO does, but while also serving as a stand for your phone! You can mount it to your desk and record/take photos entirely hands-free, while also eliminating shadows, wrinkles, blemishes, and casting an even light on yourself.

The phone mount is adjustable, allowing you to shoot vertically or horizontally. Just like the DUO, it comes with adjustable lighting and temperature controls for more flexibility in intensity & color.

3 Classic 12" Table Ring Light

If you’re looking for something a bit larger - perhaps to keep on your desk for makeup or photos/videos - consider the Classic 12" Table Ring Light. This is great for use on your vanity, featuring a lightweight portable folding stand. 

But, you can also attach this to your camera or smartphone very easily with the free mount we’ve included. We also include a shoulder bag to carry this in, making safe transport a nonissue. 

While the DUO we just mentioned does have more versatility than you’d expect, this one far outperforms it with 2 diffusers - 1 white (5500K) and 1 tungsten filter (3200K) for a broad range of colors. 

We feel so confident this is one of the best ring lights for makeup or any other use that we’re offering a 2 year warranty on it.

4. GlowPro 2 18" Ring Light

Now, if you’re an industry professional looking for the very best ring light - look no further than the GlowPro 2 18" Ring Light.

This isn’t for just anyone - we only recommend this high-end ring light for those who truly need the best tools for the job - whether it’s to produce flawless photos, or picture-perfect makeup.

This second generation has been improved upon to offer adjustable brightness and warmth controls - from a warm 3,200K all the way to a cool 5800k.

While it is a whole 6” bigger than the Classic Ring Light, it doesn’t compromise on portability or versatility - you can bring this baby anywhere.

The best part about this ring light is that it features five different mounting slots so you can add attachments - some of which are included!

That’s right - this ring light also comes with a double sided mirror, which has both standard and magnifying glass. It also comes with an adjustable phone stand, a camera/phone holder, and a carrying bag.

With a 3 year warranty, you can rest assured you’re investing in a quality ring light that is built to stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts On The Best Ring Light Of 2021

Now, we’ve presented an option for every beauty queen or photographer out there - whether you’re looking for the best ring light for makeup or selfies.

When you shop at Luvo, you are investing in yourself and ensuring you look and feel your best. You can’t put a price on that!


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