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6 Best Makeup Mirrors Of 2021

Whether you’re a professional or not, you need the best makeup mirror on the market. As you probably already know, proper lighting is everything when it comes to applying a face - and the bathroom mirror just isn’t going to cut it.

You spend a ton of money on the products you put on, so why not make sure you’re using a mirror that allows you to apply them to perfection? By investing in the best mirror for makeup, you’re investing in your appearance - which is everything.

Today, we’re going to share our list of the best lighted makeup mirrors of the year. We have options for literally everyone - from the top travel mirror to the professional standard, and everything in between.

What Is The Best Makeup Mirror On The Market?

Another way you could phrase this question is who makes the best makeup mirror? Brand reputation is the biggest factor in choosing a quality product that’s built to last, and our reviews speak for themselves.

Without a doubt, some of the best makeup mirrors on the market are right here at Luvo Collection. 

With more versatility and technology than anything else, we have an option for every beauty queen out there. Let’s start with the best travel makeup mirror.

1. The Wanderlite Mirror

The Wanderlite Mirror the best travel makeup mirror, and it’s not even close! For less than $40, you get the perfect travel companion. Because it folds up, it is small enough to fit in your bag!

No more relying on the awful lighting at your AirBnB or hotel. Instead, unlock studio-caliber lighting by tapping the touch screen on this baby. The energy-efficient LED bulbs it’s composed of are rated for lifetime use.

Available in both white and gold, this mirror also offers a range of magnification - 2x, 3x, and regular. 

Whether you’re just looking for something to keep in your purse in case of an emergency or you’re preparing for an international trip - this is a must have in anyone’s arsenal.

2. The Allure Makeup Mirror Series

Our Allure Edge & Allure Spotlight makeup mirrors are one of the coolest ones you’ll see on this list. These are best for those who need an organiser as well - they’re multi-functional!

These don’t just serve as high-quality LED makeup mirrors - they also serve as makeup organisers.

This is a perfect addition to your desk or table, ensuring all your essentials are within reach and optimizing your application process!

The mirror itself is super high quality, featuring bright LEDs to showcase a flawless, shadow free face every time. It’s also adjustable - it can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted up to 25 degrees, helping you get all your angles!

Plus - it comes with a removable mini 5x magnifying mirror that attaches directly to the larger mirror. You can use this to get even closer to your face when doing your lashes, for example. Or - take it with you when you hit the road!

Another really cool feature about this series is that the mirrors have adjustable brightness, which you can change via touchscreen. 

Priced at $85, this is perfect for those who are shopping on a budget - when you factor in that you’re getting two cosmetic application essentials all in one, the only tough choice is choosing whether you want the Edge or the Spotlight version - because they’re both gorgeous.

3. Wanderluxe Mirror

We often get asked, what is the best makeup mirror for under $100? While the Allure series is a great candidate itself, we almost always recommend the Wanderluxe Mirror.

You’ll often see us refer to this mirror as the Cadillac of portable mirrors - and we aren’t just saying that. This truly is one of the best lighted makeup mirrors on the market!

Being able to adjust the brightness of the LEDs is one thing - it’s also as important to have the ability to adjust temperature. 

This unlocks different lighting colors, which will help you fine tune your light to match your skin tone. The Wanderluxe Mirror is one of the few under $100 that has both these features.

It’s super lightweight making it a good candidate for traveling, too. With this mirror, you never have to go without that salon-quality lighting again.

4. The Crystal Makeup Mirrors

For those who want a super aesthetic makeup mirror, the Crystal Vanity Mirrors are perfect. These are available in two options:

Our favorite thing about these mirrors is the glittering crystals that accentuate the mirror. The sparkle on these is enough to make your jaw drop when you first see it.

But they don’t just look gorgeous - they perform, too. Featuring bright, adjustable lighting - you can customize the intensity and tone to match your vibe.

Two built in USB ports allow you to charge your devices while working. You also can bump some music while using this mirror, as it features built in bluetooth speakers! 

5. The LUXE Hollywood Mirror

If you’re looking for the best hollywood mirror, you need the Luxe Hollywood Mirror. These are perfect for those who appreciate the nostalgic look and vibe these hollywood-style mirrors put off - whether you’re shopping for your home or your studio.

Consisting of 15 large, adjustable bulbs, you can achieve peak-brightness or tone it down depending on your needs.

This mirror really stands out in terms of other features though. It has bluetooth speakers integrated, allowing you to play your favorite tunes while you work. 

It’s also equipped with USB ports, so you don’t have to go without your devices while in front of the mirror. You can control every aspect of this mirror with the touchscreen Luvo logo. 

With 64 five star reviews, this is an excellent candidate for the best hollywood mirror currently on the market.

6. The Diamond Vanity Mirror Series

We’ve shared a lot of great mirrors on this list, but it’s time we pay proper respects to the very best makeup mirror - the Diamond Vanity Mirror Series. There are three options available in this style:

These mirrors are designed for those who are not willing to compromise on quality, and understand the importance of having the best tools for a job. 

But the beauty in these mirrors is that only only are they the best lighted makeup mirror - they’re guaranteed to be the most glamorous statement piece in your home or salon. They’re truly a breathtaking sight - that goes for all three options. Our customers always tell us it is super tough to choose among them!

Aside from making your friends jealous when they stop by and see it, this mirror will also help you put on your best look. With cool, warm, and neutral settings, you can achieve the perfect light temperature for you or whoever you’re working on.

Whether you want to keep it on your desk or mount it to the wall - this thing is built to last, featuring A-grade steel & aluminum to protect your investment.


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