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Keeping all of your cosmetic items organized isn't easy, which is why the right storage and transportation are key. A decent makeup bag will take care of everything for you, with compartments for all of your essentials, spill protection, and the ability to keep your oils and powders upright.

With so many makeup bags on the market, choosing the perfect one may be difficult. With that in mind, we combed the web for the hottest makeup pouches, bags, and carriers money can buy, including little clutches to stow in your handbag and large cases for traveling.

We guarantee we'll have something for you on this list, so read on to find that perfect makeup bag! We're going to start by explaining why finding the right makeup bag is so important, and then highlight a few things to consider before you buy.

Why Do You Need The Best Makeup Bag Possible?

Makeup bags are a must for any woman who loves her cosmetics and finds herself on the go a lot. These bags, which come in a wide range of elegant patterns, colors, and forms, are excellent for storing cosmetics and beauty supplies.

Makeup bags are designed to keep your goods safe and readily available, and most of us will require at least one of these bags to keep everything organized and in good shape.

An excellent makeup bag is helpful in putting all of your cosmetics in one location. It can also protect other possessions from getting accidentally smeared when you need to take your makeup along with you.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Makeup Bag

Anyone who has even a little knowledge of the professional makeup industry understands the value of a good makeup case.

Makeup cases differ in many ways, including portability, materials, and compartments. As a result, selecting one that meets your requirements is a complicated process. Here is what you need to know before you start shopping for your very own.

Determine your Needs

The decision to choose the ideal makeup organizer bag is entirely dependent on your requirements. Those with a tiny cosmetics collection might consider purchasing a compact organizer.

Those who work as professional makeup artists, on the other hand, should spend a bit more money to obtain additional storage space.

You can purchase organizers with extra compartments to hold a vast cosmetics collection, and you'll have a variety of options that best meet your needs.

Choosing the Ideal Size

There's some pretty substantial diversity in size across regular and travel makeup bags. Your daily routine determines which is right for you. You don't need much room if you want to bring some powder, lip balm, and lipstick with you for touch-ups during the day.

You'll need a bigger bag if you're going to bring along eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to transform your daily makeup into an evening appearance. Consider how long your travels are generally when purchasing travel cosmetics bags.

You don't need a huge makeup bag if you only go on weekend getaways. However, if you frequently take excursions that last a week or more, you may need to pack more cosmetics, necessitating additional space.

Compartments and Durability

When purchasing cosmetic storage, examine how well it is organized. One huge compartment will not suffice. Your cosmetics will become entangled in each other like kite thread resulting in a confusing, cluttered mess. As a result, you'll end up frustrated as you try and find your products, or worse - you end up damaging something.

When you're looking for new cases, go above and above. Look for one that is multipurpose and has detachable, distinct sections that can be inserted and removed as needed to give small pockets of room for little cosmetic stashes. It's a bonus if these containers have clear windows. It will be easier to access and manage your makeup items if you know where to put them.

Additional Features

The quality of the material is crucial. A case made of plastic, vinyl, or something else that washes clean and won't cling on to cosmetic spillage is ideal. Zippers should be closed all the way up and be solid, so you don't have to replace your bag a few months down the road.

If there's a gap between the catch and the zipper, it might grab onto the materials or things in your handbag and be pulled open.

Built-in mirrors are always a plus. Once you start shopping for your own makeup bag, you'll quickly realize just how many options you have at your fingertips. There are some really unique features that certain options have, so just shop around!

What Are The Best Makeup Bags In 2021?

With travel steadily reopening, searching the internet for weekender bags and summer trips may be on your mind again. And if you're serious about taking your beauty regimen on the road, you'll need a functional yet stylish makeup bag.

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to carrying beauty items. Some people concentrate on skincare, taking sunscreens, lotions, and serums with them. Others bring every single product they own - from creams to mascara, to makeup wipes and foundation and everything in between.

Regardless of your must-haves, the best makeup bag is essential for keeping cosmetics organized and carefully kept on your travels—and ensuring that spills and leaks in your baggage don't destroy everything.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of makeup bags to choose from. Below, you'll find the ideal carrier for your cosmetic demands.

Lucent Case

This hyper-organized makeup case is one of the best makeup bags out there, with a perfect blend of functionality, style, and glam! It's easy to see why it's so popular— it provides ample storage space. In fact, the case also boasts six fold-out compartments and a deep bottom section to keep all your favorite products organized.

"I have recently bought this makeup organizer; It's my second one," said one customer. "PERFECT size and enough space for all my makeup kit. Delivery was speedy, and the quality of the item is as mention on the website. I am obsessed with those items and recommended them to my friends too."

Remind yourself every day that you're Wonder Woman with this beautiful cosmetic bag that boasts a stunning metallic exterior combined with metallic studs, translucent acrylic top cover with metal hinge accents. It keeps all of your belongings completely secure with two secure latches and buckles connected with a lock.

Large Cosmetics Case

In need of a cosmetic case that'll help you organize your massive makeup collection? Try this makeup bag from Luvo. Along with carefully designed compartments and fully customizable inserts, the roomy bag provides adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the compartments to store eye shadow, lipsticks, powders, and more.

There's also a zipper pocket and two different compartments with a protective flap. Located behind that is a zipped slot for more storage space. The opposite side includes a large zipped mesh section perfect for palette storage with a flap to cover up your brush bristles, so they don't touch anything else or get your bag dirty.

"I absolutely adore this makeup case! It is perfect for carrying my makeup kit on the go and fits all of my products (a girl can never have too many blush options, right?) with ease," said one customer. "I love that it protects my products from my used brushes so that there is practically no mess. The compartments are customizable, allowing me to fit in all different shapes and sizes of products. Also, how could I forget the absolutely gorgeous faux croc leather that adds a sleek and stylish look? Overall, this case is just the perfect match for all my daily essentials, or even if I need to bring my whole bathroom while on a weekend away. Definitely would repurchase and highly recommend!"

Lucent Case - Mini

This compact yet structured makeup train case is as close to professional-grade as you can get for the price. Lightweight and stylish, this clear-sided beauty organizer boasts two fold-out sections, a deep bottom section, and a flip-top mirror to give spacious storage for your daily day routines. The metallic stud exterior and beautiful glittery interior give it a premium look.

"I LOVE this case. Such a convo starter, and I get heaps of compliments! I love how Luvo consistently adds glam and luxury to my space. Thank you!" said one customer.

Marble Pochette

Looking for a cosmetic case that's as pretty as the makeup you're storing inside? Opt for this Marble Pochette by Luvo.

Not too big and not too small, this marble leather pouch effortlessly stores the essentials for your morning routine. And its easy-to-clean metallic interior and chic marble design finished with gold hardware make it stand out from the rest.

"I use this for my everyday makeup things that I take on the go when I need to. The design is amazing, and I've had a lot of people ask where I got it from", said one customer.

Medium Roller Trolley-Travel Makeup Train Case

This medium roller trolley does everything your favorite full-sized luggage can do, including its own set of wheels. The inside zipped pockets hold everything snugly in place, and it also boasts eight removable zippered makeup bags, a business card holder, and smooth glide rolling wheels. More pockets, more compartments, more storage; this makeup case is perfect for traveling and vacations!

"Was so happy to find this bag! "said one customer. "It's been very thoughtfully designed with all its pockets and bands to store palettes, plus including All the stackable zip-up cases to organize my different makeup categories was perfect!! It's a makeup artist's dream trolley. The wheels make it easy for transport (hopefully, I will never have to carry it upstairs as all my makeup combined Is quite heavy), but the trolley Itself is lightweight (again, very thoughtful). My previous makeup trolley was heavy, making it more difficult to carry once full. This is the best makeup trolley I have come across and at such an affordable price, too, amazing value! Highly recommend!"

Small Roller Trolley

With this multipurpose rolling trolley, it's difficult to know where to begin. Should we brag about how affordable it is? Its spacious size, which allows you to store lipsticks, concealers, brushes, and a palette or two while still leaving room for your keys and phone? Or maybe the ultra-comfortable handle and smooth-gliding rolling wheels. Compact and portable, you'll have no trouble whisking your gear from appointment to appointment with this stylish yet organized trolley.

"I ordered a case to start with my makeup course, and it is absolutely perfect, decently sized to fit my kit, and is super lightweight for travel through public transport. Super sturdy and does well rolling on all surfaces. Highly recommend", said one customer.

Final Thoughts On The Best Makeup Bags Of 2021

A multi-functional makeup bag is crucial for keeping your cosmetics neatly organized and safe. A well-made makeup bag should be simple to clean and prevent your belongings from breaking inside. Choosing the proper bag, though, is dependent on whether you'll be using it on a daily basis or for travel.

This is due to the fact that its size and durability can have a significant impact on its performance. When you select the right cosmetic bag, you'll find it a lot simpler to locate your belongings, allowing you to put on your makeup quickly.

That's exactly what you get when you shop for makeup cases or bags by Luvo. Head over to the site today and discover all the great options we have, just waiting to be incorporated into your regimen!


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