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Organising and decluttering is all the rage these days largely due to the popularity of people like Marie Kondo and the dozens of Netflix documentaries on the subject, like the Home Edit. If you’ve found yourself drowning in a sea of lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and bronzers, it might be time to give your makeup collection a bit of tough love. 

To help you get underway, we’ve created this handy guide, showing you how to use makeup organisers to decluttered toiletries and cosmetics and what to do with them when you’re done.  

Why do we have SO much makeup?

Our bathrooms are a haven for self care and cleanliness, yet take a look at anyone’s makeup station or drawer and it typically tells a different story. If you’re feeling a little guilty about the state of your makeup situation, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Makeup and toiletries are often thought of as a ‘treat’ or a mood booster, available readily and with no shortage of new products to try. 

If makeup is your career, it can be easy to accumulate piles and piles of bottles, compacts, tubes and tools without blinking an eye. If that sounds like you, or you’re having trouble finding your favourite lippy, let’s rip off the bandaid and do a little decluttering! 

Quick tips for decluttering toiletries 

Makeup, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, perfumes...the list is endless! There’s a common theory that a clean and organised space creates a clean and organised mind, so here’s a few practical ways to get your house in order. 

Say NO to all those sample products

Free sample products are one of the most common causes of a cluttered makeup station or drawer. It’s time to ask yourself an important question: ‘do I even USE samples?’ If the answer is yes, awesome – make sure you make a plan to start incorporating the samples into your daily routines.

If the answer was no, they’ve got to GO. You can do this a fun way by re-gifting any unused samples to friends or family, or you might like to donate them to a local shelter or op shop. Then, next time you’re offered a sample, just say no!

Get rid of anything that’s expired (or near empty)

We’re all guilty of holding onto favourite products for too long because guess what? Makeup expires! Take a keen eye to all of your products and if anything is out of date, it’s time to let it go. The same goes for anything that’s almost empty – prioritise it and use it up! 

Get real about what you actually use

Don’t panic – we’re not suggesting you throw everything out. But it’s worth taking some time to reflect on your cosmetics and toiletries to think about what you actually use. Do you really need five shades of red lipstick? Could you get by with one face wash, instead of three? Remember: decluttering is all about making space and getting rid of anything that no longer serves you. Or, as Marie Kondo would say, doesn’t spark joy! 

How to organise cosmetics and toiletries

We LOVE organising makeup! Having a system that works for you can cut down the time you waste hunting down your fave products on the regular and allow you to quickly see what you have. 

By how often you use them

This first point is a no brainer – have the things you use the most in the place that’s easiest to get to. That means don’t bury your foundation underneath compacts and makeup palettes; keep your most used items close at hand. 

By type or size

If you keep your makeup and toiletries in a cupboard, put the tallest items at the back and shortest at the front. That way you won’t knock everything over each time you reach for something. You might also like to keep similar products together to make it easy to find that dry shampoo when you really need it. 

Treat yourself to a makeup organiser

We adore acrylic makeup organisers for getting everything sorted. They’re easy to clean and because they’re clear, you can see exactly what you have and when anything needs replacing or refilling. Plus, they fit into many makeup trolleys and cases so you can take your new found love of organisation with you everywhere you go. 

Makeup Organiser

What to do with decluttered toiletries and cosmetics

Now that you’ve given your bathroom or makeup station a good clean out, what’s next? Where possible, clean out any tubes or containers and reuse them for other things, and recycle anything you an’t keep. If you have products that you don’t want and are unopened, share the love and give them to your friends or even donate them to people in need. 

Decluttered and delightfully organised!

How GOOD does it feel to get your cosmetics and toiletries organised? We’re always on the lookout for new ways to declutter, so follow @luvostore and tag us in your freshly cleaned spaces on Insta with the hashtags #luvofam and #luvostore.




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