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With the launch of our new range of Seamless Paper Backdrops we thought we’d share how simple they are to use, even for the new beginner. So, from colour and width choice, to set-up and storage, here are our top tips and tricks to help you on your way to creating more professional content.

Why Use Paper Backdrops?

From the budding YouTuber to the pro photographer there are many reasons to invest in a paper backdrop set-up.

Most obviously, paper backdrops provides a blank canvas that eliminates any distracting background elements, and creates a seamless environment for content creation. Like magic, they easily transform any space into a professional studio.

For the more photographically savvy, they ensure that your camera always has a stable depth of field which helps keep your shots sharp every time.

How to Choose the Right Backdrop?

Colour Choice

While colour choice is personal preference it can be helpful to keep in mind these old rules from science class- light colours reflect light, while dark colours absorb it.

So if you’re planning to set-up your backdrop where there’s loads of natural light and you want a black background- go for it! However, if your space is smaller and darker then you might want to go for our White or Nude backdrops to maximise what little light you’ve got.

Backdrop Width

Paper backdrops also come in different widths. Here at Luvo all of our backdrops are a massive 10 metres in length, and come in 2 widths- 1.3 metres and 2.7 metres. Our 1.3 metre backdrops are perfect for headshots, ¾ body portraits, kids, and product photography- while our 2.7 metre option will fit moving subjects, full body shots, and even groups.There’s the perfect option for everyone no matter your space or needs!

How To Set-Up Paper Backdrops

It can’t be that complicated- you just put the roll on the stand right? Right. But we’ve discovered a few little tricks that can make that process so much easier.

First, make sure your Background Stand Kit is set-up but don’t extend the height bars just yet. Slide your paper backdrop onto your support pole, lift it onto the stand and secure in place. Now, extend the height bars working from the top down. Raise one side using the top adjustment screw and then alternate to the other side. Working from the top sections first means that when you adjust the bottom screws you won’t need to hop up on a ladder to extend them.

Before you raise your backdrop, make sure to unroll a few feet of paper so that you can continue to unroll it when it’s at its full height. Use the clamps included in your kit to hold your roll to your support beam to keep it from unravelling further as it’s lifted into place. Then, once your stand is at the height you want, unclamp and roll out your backdrop to the length you need. Now re-clamp, and using some gaffer tape, tape your backdrop in position on the floor.

Another handy hint we’ve discovered, especially if you’re going to be using the same backdrop for a while, is to use a piece of large plexiglass to keep it clean. Pop it on the floor over your backdrop to extend it’s longevity and keep it looking fresh no matter how many people will be walking on it.

When your backdrop is starting to show signs of wear, simply use a sharp box cutter to cut the used portion off the roll- they will help to create a cleaner cut than scissors.

How to Store Paper Backdrops

The great news about paper backdrops- unlike cloth or other materials that will need to be steamed after storage to get them back to their crease free state- is just how easy they are to use and store. 

While you can keep your backdrop stored on your stand kit for the short term, it’s recommended that you pack them vertically for long term storage. By keeping the box that your roll came in, you have a perfect storage solution to keep your roll free from dust and exposure to sunlight- both things that can cause damage and fading over time.

Keep any stored rolls in a location that’s nice and dry as humidity can also cause damage by wrinkling the paper. 

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how easy it is to use paper backdrops! It’s never been more accessible to create your own professional studio at home with our range of lighting and backdrop products.

If you’re planning to set-up your own space, we’d love to see it. Tag #luvostore and #luvofam for a chance to be featured on our account!


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