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4 Influencer Secrets To The Perfect Selfie

Whether you want to make your ex rue the day he played you, or you just want a cute new profile pic, we all want to be able to take the perfect selfie. If you’ve ever looked through IG and wondered how the influencers seem to do it so effortlessly, wonder no more! Here are some behind the scenes, influencer approved tips on how to take your best selfie ever.

Decide On Your Look

Influencers are amazing at embodying a style and really nailing it to a tee. Whether they’re a festival hopping baddie or a boho beach babe, they have a style and they really know how to make it their brand.

Now you don’t have to commit yourself to that level of dedication, but you can definitely take a leaf from their book when taking your next selfie. Whatever style you’re going for, don’t be afraid to take it to the next level, influencers know that those extras are what really make the difference. Of course you want a bomb outfit, but consider adding some trendy accessories and nail art to really up your status to style icon.

And while your whole outfit may not show in your selfies, being styled head to toe in a cohesive look will ensure that any elements that are seen will really work. 

Hair and Makeup

We all know that makeup is so important when taking the perfect selfie. Choose to go bold or natural depending on the overall effect you’re trying to create. Think of your selfie like a work of art (hell yeah baby!), you wouldn’t slap a glitter cut crease on the Girl with a Pearl Earring. But Frida Kahlo without her iconic rose red lips? No way.

Another Influencer tip we’ve picked up is to highlight your collarbones if they’re on show, not only does it give you extra glow but it ties in your makeup to your whole look in a really subtle way.

And finally, hair. Hair is something that an influencer never overlooks. They aren’t afraid to try out the latest trends and they know that even though it can feel a bit over the top in everyday life, in a selfie it looks amazing. 

Experiment with a new style, whether it’s braids, extensions, or a faux fringe. If you don’t like the end result- hey, at least you’ve learnt something!


The old holding your phone over your head stance needs to stay back in the MySpace days where it belongs. One of the most universally flattering angles is parallel to your face, at a ¾ angle, with your chin tilted slightly down. Pick a fav side and snap away, changing the position of your phone and your expression every few shots. Don’t be afraid to take a lot. And we mean A LOT. Sometimes it’s the most fleeting expression and pose that looks the most flattering so you’ll want a lot of shots to choose from. Our Beauty Ring Light and Beauty Ring Light DUOare perfect for this as they won’t weigh your phone down, so you can snap away til your hearts content!

Shadows, begone!

One scroll through IG would have you thinking that influencers live in an alternate dimension where the light is always juuuuust right. But actually, they just know a few little tricks that you can also use help make your next selfie pop.

If you’ve got a white table or surface in your home, even a bathroom counter would work- simply lean over it with your face a foot or 2 from the surface. Ever heard of photographers using a ‘bounce’? Well this is the easiest, most foolproof way to create the same effect. The white surface will ‘bounce’ or reflect any light up and underneath your face which will make sure you’re never left with a dreaded double chin, ruining an otherwise amazing selfie. This, combined with some soft, natural light and your Beauty Ring Light will provide the most flattering light you’ve ever seen yourself in. Trust us!

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